Kate Baker mosaic muse
Handcut mosaic and glass fusion. Email katebakermosaicmuse@icloud.com

Kate Baker
mosaic muse                 

Creative Force/Owner and Maker: Kate Baker

Since 1997 I have created handmade and bespoke interior mosaics.

After a back injury in 2011 and it reoccurring again in 2012, I left my 17 year PE teaching career to embark on a new and exciting adventure with my business Kate Baker mosaic muse.

I am continually evolving and developing my unique style after having completed a 7 day advanced mosaic and glass fusion course,in 2012 with mosaic artist Martin Cheek.

mosaic and glass fusions offer me two styles in my work, along with a third; the repurposing of discarded ceramics and kitchen door units using picque assiette style.
Mosaics for me, encompass a deliberate cognitive process; from the vision of my design through its creation to completion. Unquestionably I become absorbed in the sourcing of the materials and consideration of the andamento, colours, texture, style and inherent rhythm, or opus, (Latin) whilst making the mosaic.

I am inspired by many images in Nature and by different artists, whose inspiration you can see in my work.

What’s behind the name Kate Baker mosaic muse?
Mosaics have been referred to as L’arte musivum; meaning “the art of the muses”. Nine Greek muses (goddesses)who embodied poetry, literature, science and the arts were considered a source for knowledge and inspiration. I liked that idea that I could be a source of knowledge and inspiration for beginners. 
Muse derives from a Greek word meaning music, but also means ponder, or to be lost in thought. A completed mosaic certainly has an inherent rhythm to it and also whilst making one, you are absorbed in the thought process of cutting and laying the materials down. I hope in my handmade mosaics and glass fusions you find an inspiring "rhythm" and “they charm the sight”.

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Kate Baker
Kate Baker mosaic muse  
Kent, UK

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